The Community Free Synagogue

P.O. Box 07144  Fort Myers, FL 33919

 (239) 466-6671 

We meet in the Southwest Florida Masonic Center  10868 Metro Pkwy in South Fort Myers (MAP)    


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June 2018 C.F.S. Israel Pilgrimage

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Traditional Sabbath Eve dinner every Friday evening at 6:30

(It's free, casual and reservations are not needed. Bring a hallah, some cookies or a bottle of wine if you'd like!)


Worship every Friday evening at 7:30 PM followed by a coffee hour


Each Saturday 9:30-11:30 AM: Torah Study preceded by a light breakfast

(A breakfast nosh is always welcome!) 


Our doors are open at all times with never a charge. Dress "Florida Casual".



Selihot:  8:00PM Saturday September 16


Preceded by  Havdallah and a Melaveh Malkah at 7:30 PM


Rosh Hashanah:

7:00 PM Wednesday September 20

10:00 AM Thursday September 21

4:00 PM September 21:  Tashlikh and Rabbi’s Open House


Yom Kippur:

7:00 PM Friday September 29

Saturday September 30:

10:00 AM Morning Worship

2:30 PM Study with the Rabbi

4:00 PM Minhah, Yizkor and Ne’ilah

Complimentary Break-the-Fast after worship

 It’s All Free!


Now in its 12th year, The Community Free Synagogue is a progressive model for the 21st century American synagogue guided by Rabbi Bruce Diamond, D.D., a long-time community leader, scholar and master teacher. C.F.S. does not sell memberships, tickets or set fees for any of its many programs and events.  The synagogue is an open community resource whose mission is prayer, study and benevolent acts. The synagogue is comfortably supported through a spirit of volunteerism and by the generosity of the hundreds of households that make C.F.S. their congregational home. All of its programs and events, including youth Hebrew and Jewish education, are open to all without fees or solicitations. You don't "belong" to our synagogue- our synagogue belongs to you!