The Community Free Synagogue

        An open synagogue since 2005

We meet at Unity of Fort Myers, 11120 Ranchette Road (239) 247-4556  mailing address: 7210 Falcon Crest, Fort Myers FL 33908

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Meeting Room ID  527 117 7864  passcode 435419 (click on the Zoom icon to get started)

Rabbi and Melinda Diamond

Sabbath Eve dinner at the synagogue starts each Friday evening at 6:30 PM.

Bring a non-dairy dish, side dish, wine or dessert if you are able to dinner.
The meal is free and no reservations are required, however participants are encouraged to give a generous tip to Lucy who sets and cleans up for us.  


  Sabbath Eve qabbalat shabbat worship begins at 7:30 PM with a social hour at its conclusion

Torah Study Sabbath morning at 9:30 AM on Zoom.

The Ultimate Form of Sedaqah

Maimonides teaches the a highest form of sedaqah is enabling people to raise temselves out of poverty through their efforts (Mishneh Torah 10:7). To that end we are helping the Ahavat Yisrael Synagogue in Itonko, Uganda by underwriting the cost of the chicken feed and supplies they need until their chicken can produce their own eggs to pay their own way. When they can do that, we will move on to other projects like helping them with mosquito nets to ward off malaria and the construction of a toilet to combat typhoid. Want to help? Then please use this GoFundMe link.