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The Community Free Synagogue

10868 Metro Parkway

 P.O. Box 07144 Fort Myers. FL 33919 

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Created by us for you and your community!


New Friday Evening Siddur and Cover  (Printed it double-sided and fold it on the right.)

New Sabbath Eve Table Pamphlet

The Community Free Synagogue Mahzor (High Holiday Prayer Book)

The Community Free Synagogue Complete Sabbath and Festival Siddur (Jewish Prayer Book)  

 This is a .pdf file to be printed on both sides of 15 8.5 x 11 sheets. Stack the pages and fold them to create a 60  page book. It opens the "Hebrew way", with the fold on the right.

The Community Free Synagogue Haggadah (Seder Book) 

This .pdf file is to be printed on both sides of 7 sheets and opens the "Hebrew way".  Design your own cover!  The content is "streamlined traditional".

The Community Free Ketuba (Marriage Contract)

A .pdf file that can be printed on an 18x24 sheet of quality paper (shoot this file to Kinko - it's about $22 to print and they do a great job!) or smaller. It is an edited form of the traditional text that works great! Why spend hundreds to keep a tradition?

Another The Community Free Ketuba (Marriage Contract)


Shiva Home Booklet

A .pdf file to be printed horizontally on 8.5x11sheets containing special readings and the weekday afternoon and evening services at the house of mourning.