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Our Dick Friedman, of blessed memory, bequeathed this wonderful collection of digital CD courses to the synagogue.  If you would like to borrow any of them, please email Natalie at .


Analysis of Critique How to Write About Anything   1 CD                     

Masterpieces of the Imaginative Novel 1 CD

Optimizing Brain Fitness 1 CD

Building Great Sentences 1 CD

How to Read & Understand Shakespeare 1 CD

Art of Reading  -  1 CD

Calculus Made Clear 1 CD

Experiencing Hubble 1 CD

Our Night Sky 1 CD

Elements of Jazz 1 CD

Secrets of Mental Health 1 CD

Joy of Mathematics 1 CD

Old Testament 2 CDs

Old Testament 1 CD

Dead Sea Scrolls 1 CD

New Testament 1 CD

Apostle Paul 1 CD

Francis of Assissi 1 CD

Civil Liberties & Bill of Rights 3 CDs

History of Supreme Court 3 CDs

Privacy, Property & Free Speech 1 CD

American Ideals -  1 CD

Great Ideas of Philosophy 2 CDs

Masterpieces of Great Literature 3 CDs

Great Philosophical Debates -Free Will & Determinism 1CD

 Augustine Philosopher & Saint 1 CD

Albert Einstein -  2 CDs

Voltaire & Triumph of Enlightment 1 CD

Ethics of Aristotle 1 CD

The English Novel-  2 CDs

Great Pharohs 0f Egypt  - 1 CD

The Aneid of Virgil

Consciousness & the Implications 1 CD

Power over People - Classical & Modern Political Theory    -  2  CDs