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Now in its 15th year, The Community Free Synagogue is a progressive model for the 21st century American synagogue guided by Rabbi Bruce Diamond, D.D., a long-time community leader, scholar and master teacher. The synagogue belongs to the community; its mission is prayer, study and benevolent acts. It is comfortably supported through a spirit of volunteerism and by the generosity of the hundreds of households that make C.F.S. their congregational home. All of its programs and events, including youth Hebrew and Jewish education, are open to all without sale of memberships, fees or solicitations.

The "Free" in Community Free Synagogue means many things, not merely monetary. While we have the basic by-laws and officers required in law by our state for a religious not-for-profit, we encourage and empower our participants to freely share their talents and enthusiasm with us all. The same is true for our Rabbi. We move forward through open and continued communication with our people and by building consensus. We are guided by our Rabbi's wisdom and learning, harmonious mutual respect, genuine affection, and with service to God and shalom bayit  (peace of the home) as our principle goals and highest goods.

Our moral and religious commitments free us to trust each other as adults. Our greatest pleasure is offering a deeply-textured authentic Jewish congregation with door open wide and to open our arms to all those who enter them!