Community Free Synagogue Adult Education

Every Thursday in January in the Community Hall

Course Readings: American Antisemitism



For Week 1 (January 3): Modern European Roots


optional additional reading on Marr:  ( click on "Look Inside: and scroll to page 116 to start scanning the reading)


For Week 2 (January 10): American Background

Ford:    (especially Article 5 on antisemitism)


Lindbergh & "American Firsters":


For Week 3 (January 17): Left, Right and "Religious Leaders"


The Left: Anti-Zionism vs Anti-Semitism:


The Right: Racism, hypernationalism and xenophobia:

"Religious Leaders":

For Week 4 ( January 24): "Dogwhistles" and Tropes

For Week 5( January 31): Continuous or an Aberration?